The Gen1K Church Health team is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of strategies and approaches in assisting the revitalisation of NSW and ACT Baptist churches to become healthier and more missional.

Gen1k Church Health is able to assist your church through:

  • Facilitation of healthy church practices
  • Providing resources, training and support
  • Facilitation and oversight of the Association’s Regional Ministers
  • Coordinating the Church Consultancy ministry
  • Overseeing the Coaching training program
  • Assisting churches in developing and implementing conflict resolution strategies
  • Overseeing the church affiliation process
Local networks of pastors and churches may be served by a Regional Minister who brings leadership to a region of churches working together and is a local connection with the wider Association.


The Regional Minister is responsible for facilitating pastoral and church health in their respective region by working with local churches and pastors to build relationships, and to encourage and support pastors and church leaders.

Regional Ministers bring real world ministry experience to their role and both model and facilitate development of healthy leadership. The Regional Minister will assist in facilitating healthy call/transition process and by providing support to churches dealing with internal conflict.

The Regional Minister will also facilitate gatherings of pastors for mutual support, make accessible resources for churches/pastors and advocate for regional leaders and ministries.

Regional Minister Contacts via the Baptist Ministry Centre 02 9868 9200 or

As Baptist churches, we open our doors and hearts to those who have arrived on our shores from other countries and cultures and try to help them in every way possible – socially, psychologically and spiritually.


The Cross Cultural ministry team seeks to help them join local Baptist churches or help them establish their own churches where they can worship in their own languages among their own communities.

We also work closely with “second generation” immigrants and the unique challenges they face in church life.

Contact the Cross Cultural Ministries Facilitator, Frank Farag via

Church consultancy is a service that helped many ministries improve the health of congregations leading to greater impact for the Kingdom of God.


During a consultancy the church leadership enters into an agreement with trained and approved consultants committed to working together for the local Church. This is a proven process being used by Churches from a wide variety of denominations across Australia.

Church consultancy is not only for conflicted or unhealthy churches as it provides a strategic and holistic approach to church development.

Consultancies available to churches include:

  • Preventative-Proactive (church health and revitalisation)
  • Conflicted Congregation (crisis intervention)
  • Church Planting
  • Moral Failure (crisis intervention)
  • Intentional Church Review (between pastoral settlements)
  • Team – Leadership Review and/or Pastoral Team Review


To enquire about the Consultancy process for your church please contact Rev Ian Altman – Team Leader for Gen1k Church Health via his P.A. Cat – or 02 9868 9200

The Baptist Association, in its commitment to driving healthy ministry, provides Baptist ministry with access to specialist coaches and coaching systems. Coaching is the process of ‘coming alongside’.

There are many times when it would be helpful to have someone alongside to help you define your vision, clarify your goals and identify action plans.

No matter what stage of life we are at, whether in ministry, in our families or in our workplaces, coaching and mentoring are powerful approaches to unlocking and releasing God’s dream for each of us.

The goal of coaching is to help someone succeed. Each person needs to discover for themselves what it is that God wants them to do. Coaches aid that process, but they don’t direct it.

Cultivate Coaching is a ministry activity of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT, training people with coaching skills.
Find out more at or contact Krystyna via

Spiritual Care Course – Pastoral Care Course

Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT have partnered with BaptistCare to make available to Baptist Churches the Health Television Network (HTN) Spiritual Care Series. This is a series of eight programs hosted by Leigh Hatcher, ideal to equip people for pastoral care. The series topics include:

  • Understanding the ageing journey
  • Spirituality in ageing
  • The power of storytelling
  • Grief, loss, death and dying.

The Baptist Churches in conjunction with BaptistCare offer two options for our churches. Firstly you can attend a course to be equipped to minister powerfully to a growing, vulnerable segment of our community. 

Secondly, you can become a trainer for this course. This will allow you to run training for the course in your own context and raise up a team of ministers to impact your community. 


Find out more here



The below resources are template resources to assist churches in reviewing or writing their Church Constitution. Please click on the relevant file to view and/or download a copy of it as a pdf.

Church Constitution and Governance Policy_Update April 2019

Church Constitution Template

Church Constitution Template 2 – minimalist/simplified version

Church Constitution Template Appendix A (Simplified Version)

Church Constitution Template Appendix B (Simplified Version)

If you have questions about your Church Constitution please contact Rev Ian Altman – Team Leader for Church Health via his P.A. Cat Nugent – or 02 9868 9200

Below are a list of Baptism and Church Membership Resources. Please click on the relevant file type to view or download the file.

Baptism and Membership_Updated March 2018


Here are a list of Church Health Seminars that the Team Leader for Church Health / Your Regional Minister / BA Church Consultants could run for your church/leadership:

Change & Transition

  • Understanding the challenges facing the church today and how the church might respond

Turning Passions into Mission

  • How to engage in evangelism without burning out or burdening people

Dealing with conflict

  • Seeing conflict as opportunity for growth and change, or how to fight fair and not lose relationships.

Governance & leadership

  • Healthy decision making and Structure for change and growth in a changing world.

Understanding Values

  • Understanding the power of values and how they shape and influence ministry and mission.

Please contact us if you are interested in running one of these seminars at your church via or 02 9868 9200

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