Pastors & Leaders eNews - July 2022

Hi everyone,

This season continues to see many of us re-imagining church and ministry for the future.

We’re doing this as an Association as well, and we have commenced discerning the Strategic Plan for the next season of our Gen1K Vision, which will be brought to our Assembly next year.

Re-imagining and future planning can be an exciting process, yet also a bit daunting.

It is a wonderful encouragement to know that, as leaders following Jesus and his Kingdom’s purposes, we do not have to (and in fact we can’t) create our future.

Our call is to catch or discern what God is doing, and live in obedience to this, both in our own lives and in our roles leading others.

I pray that as leaders we may all grow in our capacity to clearly catch what God is doing and get on board!

And while talking about change, in this edition of Insights eNews you’ll notice a different format that brings opportunities for you to develop, the input that equips and the information that keeps you in the loop, in a new and fresh way.

Please read on for exciting new role opportunities with the Association, what’s happening in Global Mission in our movement, how to access online video resources of recent equipping events, and more!

Steve Bartlett
Director of Ministries

Many Baptist churches around the country have spent the month of May focusing on our engagement with God’s mission locally and around the world.

In June, fifteen people from NSW/ACT participated in a Discernment Day with Baptist Mission Australia! Please be praying for these people as they consider intercultural service.

The Exploring Mission course has launched – an online discipleship course that helps you dive into context, cultures and your calling. Exploring Mission is flexible learning & self-paced.

More details on Exploring Mission in the Courses & Resource Section below.

It is with sadness that we let you know of the passing of Rev Gerry Ball on Tuesday 12 July, aged 90.  Gerry was married to Betty in 1957 and they had four children – Debbie, Cathy, Wendy and David.

Gerry had a varied and far-reaching ministry both domestically and overseas. The Ball family served with what is now Baptist Mission Australia in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) from 1957-1961.

Between 1962-1968 he served as Pastor at Prospect Baptist Church (SA) and then took up the role of Principal at Burleigh Baptist Theological College between 1968-1984. Gerry then moved to NSW, pastoring at Mortdale Baptist Church (1984-1991), and Gordon Baptist Church (1991-1998). Sadly, Betty passed away in 1987, and Gerry was remarried some years later to Denise.

From 1998-99 Gerry served with great distinction as President, Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT.

Gerry is remembered as a loving pastor and friend – a person with a deep love for God and a tenderness of spirit.  For those wishing to attend his Service of Remembrance please contact the office of Mortdale-Oatley Baptist Church at contact@mobc.org.au or on 9570 5722.

Keep an eye out in a few days’ time for further information about our movement-wide Discussion Forum on Saturday 3 September, at Macquarie Park and online.

This Forum is intended to provide time for more informal discussion of important matters pertaining to the current discernment process around affiliating together in our Association. The day will commence at 10 am and will conclude by 4 pm.

The morning will include input and interaction around a few key areas of Baptist distinctives that have relevance to the current discussions. 

After lunch the Assembly Council will be presenting its draft recommendations coming out of last year’s Special Assembly regarding ongoing affiliation of churches and accreditation/recognition of ministers. 

The Forum is not a formal assembly and is open to anyone who is in regular attendance at one of our churches to attend. 

Information and registration will be available next week.

Save The Date!

The Gathering, incorporating our Ordinary Assembly will take place on Saturday 12 November.

FORM is a place for church leaders, pastors, members of church communities, small groups, and anyone wanting to learn how to better engage missionally with their communities, families, colleagues and friends.

FROM is focused on the formation and development of your skills as well as a support network for you that will help make sharing stories about Jesus powerful and effective.

If you are thinking of planting a church, starting a new congregation, sharing your faith or would just like to know more about engaging missionally with your world, then FORM is for you.

This year FORM will revolve around Isaiah 43:19 ‘Behold, I am doing a new thing’!

As we step out of two very unpredictable years it is not lost on us that even in such times God is still at work.

It will be an experience for the whole family. It will cater for multicultural church expressions.

Providing an opportunity for everyone to hear from God

With times where all generations will gather together as well as age-specific experiences.

Translation will be provided for several languages.

Places will fill fast so be sure to register early!

Come get a FREE snapshot of what coaching is and does – one of the easiest ways of raising new leaders up, making your 1:1 chats more effective and encouraging, and filling your rosters so you all can start getting stuff done.

Imagine the possibilities! Leadership is the ability to take responsibility with a servant heart. Coaching asks simple questions – like “What could you do about that?”. It shifts people from depending on you for answers, towards taking ownership and leadership in the situation. They see a problem, and say, “Hey, someone needs to do something about this… I’ll be that someone.”

Ask key people in your congregation to come along – the encouragers, the talent-spotters, the ones God has given a real shepherding heart to for your congregations and communities – they’re the ones who can help raise up more leaders for you. And join us at this experiential taster event to explore coaching and see it in action for yourself:

  • See how using simple questions develops buy-in, authenticity, and leadership capacity, and empowers others to step up and into Kingdom work.
  • Hear from key leaders in our movement about how coaching has helped them grow their ministries and leadership teams without overwhelm or burnout.
  • Learn about the pathway for key people in your congregation to become approved coaches in Baptist ministry, partnering with us and you to keep multiplying healthy leaders and healthy churches across our movement.

Hosted by Krystyna Kidson, Resident Psychologist, and the GEN1K Coaching team.

Who is GEN1K COACHING? Even when you’re tired, time-strapped, cash-poor, or need more people – we stand ready to help you recover, rebuild, and rediscover the gold God has in mind for you and your people. We are church and parachurch leaders, helping pastors and gospel workers build healthy, Christ-centred communities while modelling and multiplying godly leadership.

Safe Church Team Network Evening – Child Safe Scheme now operating in NSW

We recently hosted Janet Schorer, the NSW Children’s Guardian at our Safe Church Team Network Evening.

Janet gave a presentation on the Child Safe Scheme that we as an Association of churches have been preparing for which came into law on 1st February 2022.

Here is the recording >>

The presentation reinforced the benefit of a local church adopting the Safe Church Package of Model Documents and submitting a Safe Church Health  Check Application.





Something to think about for your team & people in your church…

The Exploring Mission Course

The Exploring Mission course has launched – an online discipleship course that helps you dive into context, cultures and your calling. Exploring Mission is flexible learning & self-paced.

Exploring Mission is for anyone who wants to explore questions such as:

  • What is God doing in the world?
  • What is my role in God’s mission?
  • What does intercultural mission in Australia look like?
  • Where is God calling me now?
  • How can I be trained and equipped for what God has for me in the future?

Exploring Mission is for people who want to understand and support global missions, for people considering becoming intercultural workers in the future, and for anyone who wants to better engage in intercultural ministry in their local neighbourhoods and suburbs.

You can find out more here >>

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