The NSW/ACT Baptist Association and its affiliated churches have been working on the issue of child protection and sexual misconduct since the early 1990s. Comprehensive church based training began in 2003 and in 2012 the Baptist Association created a Ministry Standards Unit and appointed a Manager – Ministry Standards. This vitally important gospel-work is ever evolving as awareness and legislation changes.


The Ministry Standards Unit and the Manager Ministry Standards are tasked with providing access to pastoral support and oversight of the implementation of Ministry Standards policies and procedures as adopted by the Assembly of the Association of Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT under the oversight of the Ministry Standards Committee.

The role of the Manager Ministry Standards is to:

  • Support and be a resource to local churches in the delivery of safe ministry and professional standards for church leaders, including ministers to ensure that ministry is accountable and transparent.
  • In conjunction with Baptist Insurance ensure local churches are aware of their Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) responsibilities predominantly through training and resources.
  • Enable training to be provided to ensure leaders know how to respond appropriately where an allegation is made against a person who is involved in an endorsed church ministry, as defined in the policies adopted by Assembly. This includes any allegation against pastors, especially allegations of sexual abuse or harassment, any allegation of inappropriate behaviour by a ministry leader, any matter where there is suspected child abuse or a Person of Concern may be involved, as defined by the relevant Baptist Association policy.
  • Strategically oversees ‘Creating Safe Spaces’ training.
  • Manage ‘Persons of Concern’ in-conjunction with local churches, providing case management, support, information and training.

Resource & Documents

Help, support and confidential reporting

To make a report of misconduct or abuse please:

  1. If the report is in regards to abuse of a child please contact police ‘131 444’ or FACS (Family & Community Services) Child Protection Hotline 132 111 or Domestic Violence Hotline 1800 65 64 63
  2. Contact Ministry Standard Unit – Jonathan Bradford or 1300 647 780
  3. Or use the below form to make contact with the Ministry Standards Manager:

Confidential Reporting Initial Contact

Please use this form to make initial Contact with the ministry Standards Unit of the Baptist Association of Churches in NSW & ACT