Long Service Leave

Long Service Leave (LSL) is a period of paid leave granted to an employee who has served a specified period of continuous employment in one organisation. In NSW, this is 13 weeks for 15 years of service vesting at 10 years. In the ACT, the benefits are the same but the vesting period is 7 years.

Due to the nature of pastoral ministry, which at times requires the pastor to move from one church or organisation to another, the minister will accrue a reduced entitlement to LSL as prior service is not taken into account under statutory rules. This means that entitlements may not vest where the period of service is under the minimum continuous period of service requirement.

Baptist Long Service Leave Scheme

In 2000, a Baptist LSL Fund (now known as the Baptist Association of NSW and ACT LSL Program) was established so Baptist churches, Baptist Union of NSW and other approved organisations can accumulate on behalf of their ministers an amount of money which will be available to pay the liability for Long Service Leave of their ministers when it falls due and to recognise continuity of service where a Pastor moves from one church or organisation to another. 

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