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SRE Reauthorisation Form - Baptist version

SRE Reauthorisation Form- Baptist 2024 Version

This form is an SRE Authorisation form for teachers seeking reauthorisation with the Baptist Association and currently attending a Baptist Church.Please take your time to complete the following form and answer all questions correctly and honestly.Please complete all the form then click submit . You will then receive an email with a summary of your form. Print off a copy, sign, scan and keep one on record at your church.If anything on this form raises questions or concerns please contact Shelley Ashton SRE Team Leader for the Baptist Association on 98689239 before submitting the form.

Personal Details

Home Address(Required)
Preferred Phone Contact(Required)
Select one or both and add number/s in fields below
If you would rather us contact you on either a home or work landline number, or happy to give a second option of contact, please leave a number here
My Working with Children Check is still current and not expired(Required)
DD slash MM slash YYYY

Baptist Church I attend Details

To be authorised by the Baptist Association you must be attending a local Baptist Church.Note non attendance or irregular attendance may affect your application. SRE teachers must be connected regularly to a local church with the endorsement of their local pastor.
It is important that SRE teachers are in regular attendance of their local church and in regular contact with their SRE coordinator/Pastor. By completing this declaration I am honestly indicating my intention to be regularly connected to my local church by attending services and/or connected to a Connect Group run by my church. This allows for accountability, connection and support to be offered. I understand that at any time my pastor feels they no longer see me connected, they can contact us and we have the right to reconsider your authorisation. If the pastor/ SRE team deem you are no longer considered a regular attender your authorisation maybe cancelled. Choose any number of options below relevant to your situation.
Note if you have changed denominations, you will need to seek authorization through that denomination.
Church Pastor Name(Required)
Church SRE Coordinator Name(Required)
If no one is the nominated Coordinator, we will nominate you or your Pastor by default.

SRE Employment/ Board Details

If you are employed or associated with a local SRE Board or SU/Generate, please add details here. If not applicable leave blank.
Leave blank if this does not apply to you. If you are in a paid position by a board you must include contact details here.
Best Contact Name of Board member
Leave blank if not applicable
Leave blank if not applicable
Leave blank if not applicable

Mandatory Child Protection Training & Compliance

We no longer accept child protection training from other denominations or organisations. Reauthorisation will only be granted if you have current Creating Safe Spaces Training. In most instances we can now access CSS certificates. We will contact you if we haven't been able to verify completion.
Creating Safe Spaces
Department of Education Child Protection Training
Currently whilst not mandatory, the DoE highly recommends completing their annual online training. If you have completed this, you can email a copy to sre . Please note this is an annual update.
Additional DoE Declaration(Required)
The DoE brought in a new declaration that all current SRE teachers must have completed before the end of September 2024. Note teachers will not be reauthorised without this declaration completed.

School and Curriculum Information

Type of Application(Required)
Teaching Status(Required)
Volunteer or Paid(Required)
Type of School(Required)
Nominate the types of schools you teach in. Tick as many as are applicable to you
Curriculum Used(Required)
Tick as many as are applicable to use. You must teach from an approved curriculum. If yours is not listed here, please tick other and speak with the Baptist Association's SRE Team Leader to discuss. CEP listed includes Connect, beginning with God and Big Questions. JTGC stands for Jesus the Game Changer. WBECA- Warners Bay
If you teach in multiple schools please separate either by comma or add on separate line. Note all schools you could potentially teach at needed to be included, not just your regular schools. If you are on a casual/ fill in list at a school, this needs to be listed here as well. This will also need to be on the combined arrangements form your SRE coordinator completes for the school.

SRE Module Training Information

Baptist Authorised teachers seeking reauthorisation must complete a version of Refresher Training. If in the event you haven't been able to attend a Refresher you may be asked to update one or two modules. Tick which option is relevant for you. No need to supply certificates as we have those on file already.
Update Module Training(Required)
If you have been granted RPL please write N/A
Note helpers are not required to complete but still encouraged to do a Self Reflection. All teachers are required to completed a Self Reflection.
The DoE requires SRE teachers to undertake yearly training that counts towards two hours of professional development. This can be a children's ministry conference like Youthworks( Anglican) or Connect Days (Baptist) or meeting with your team to share ideas and resources, it could be updating module training or completing refreshers of modules. Briefly list here name of training/ date it was completed/who ran it, Email relevant documents to the SRE team.


When you submit this form you should receive an email with a summary of what you have completed here. Please print this summary off and sign it and ask your pastor to sign it and keep a copy on file at church. It is the responsibility of the church to hold such records for a period of 45 years, especially with information regarding child protection matters. By signing this document you declare everything on this form has been filled out with honesty and transparency. You understand that this document is a binding document and can be used for auditing or legal purposes. By signing this document , the pastor understands their role in supporting you and responsible in allowing you to represent your church in the local school/s. They have followed the process of responsibility of a pastor as outlined on the SRE website by conducting an interview. They agree you are suitable to teach/help in a public school classroom. They are satisfied you have completed all the required training and accept that your church will continue to offer ongoing support and accountability in this role and to help you keep track of when authorisation and training will need to be renewed/updated.
Add full name as an indication you have read the above declaration.
add the date you completed this form
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