Association Position Statements

Approved at our 2022 Ordinary Assembly

Position Statement on Marriage

Marriage is a covenant relationship ordained by God as a lifelong faithful union of one man and one woman. Sexual intimacy outside such a marriage relationship is incompatible with God’s intention for us as his people.

Position Statement on Local Church Autonomy and Healthy Association

Each local Baptist church is autonomous and subject to no external authority to determine its doctrine, worship, objects, and values as it has understood the scriptures to determine these matters. Nevertheless, Baptist churches usually choose to associate together to mutually discern the mind of Christ so that in a partnership of support and care based on shared convictions, objects and values, together we might more effectively engage in mission and represent Christ to the world in which we live and serve.

Position Statement on Congregational Governance

Each local Baptist church is made up of all those who by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ have been born again and publicly acknowledged their allegiance to Jesus as Lord. Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the local church has received Christ’s authority to govern its worship, fellowship and service in accordance with scriptural principles, the whole church being finally responsible for its governance. Nevertheless, within each local church Christ has provided servant leaders, gifted through the Holy Spirit to build up the local church to maturity in Christ and engage in the ongoing mission of Christ. The local church identifies and appoints these servant leaders to positions of honour and responsibility, with delegated authority to act for the local church within parameters defined by the congregation.

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