Resources for Facilitators

Below are all the resources and guides for facilitating Connect 24. There are links to the videos, PDFs to print and guides to help make Connect the best experience for everyone. If you can’t find something you need email Kathy.

Program Outline Possibilities

Download the program menu, which has a suggested outline of the Connect day.

Our Connections & Conversation

Interactive discussion and activity around the connection we are a part of and their impact. Download the guide, Connections powerpoint and video.

To Print

Signs to print, table information etc.

Worship Experience

Interactive worship experience using torn paper focused on connection. Download the guide – the paper will be sent to you.  (you will need background music)


Link to the keynote session by Mark McCrindle on “Generation Change with Gen Alpha & Gen Z ” and the PDF keynote facilitators guide.


Decide how many workshops you will have at your venue 1 or 2 or more. Then choose which workshop(s). Use the video and facilitators guide to lead an engaging workshop.
Looking for a different topic for your region?  – checkout the library of previous workshops, or the guide to creating your own.

Inviting & Answering Questions with children and young people
Louise Bartlett

The Games We Play.
Rachel Stuhr & Eliseo Ramirez

Creating spaces for prayer with children in kids, youth and SRE spaces.
Emma Ridley

Create your own workshop includes suggestions for sources of workshop content. 
Local facilitators

Team Time

A time for those from the same faith community to gather together. Those who may have come on their own can gather with others from a similar ministry area who are also attending on their own at Connect and encourage one another. Use the questions in the guide.


Here you’ll find some ideas for morning tea and lunch at Connect. We’ll provide $15 per attendee towards food. You can serve anything you think would be enjoyed by participants. Serve a morning tea and lunch or have 1 break with a generous “mtea” including sweet and savoury items or for those meeting in the evening dinner and dessert.


It’s always fun to recieve a gift. We will provide you with 3 books to giveway throughout the day. You get to choose how that works –  lucky sticker under the seat, most recently joined the youth team etc.

Registrations & Finances

Register yourself here choose your venue and a ticket and then add the code  CONNECT24 at checkout. For those who arrive on the day without registering encourage them to go online and register. Consider creating a QR code for your venues rego page. We will keep you posted with registration numbers and any special diets.
A contribution for costs will be reimbursed to one church.  We have set aside $15 per attendee for you to use on food and any other general costs. Kathy Dwyer will be in contact to work out details for transfer of money.

Socials and PPT

Save these images to use on socials for inviting people or as backgrounds for ppt/ display.

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