NEXT 2022

Baptist Ministry Centre 5 Saunders Close, Macquarie Park, NSW

Have you found yourself with a greater sense of scrolling, searching, exploring, dabbling, and wondering? Have you found people asking more questions around what matters, what they value, and they want to do in the future? Have you heard more emotive language in how people are observing and participating in the events around the nation […]

$79.00 – $149.00

Call to Prayer: For our Taskforce and our Assembly

Online Event

We are called to engage and discuss and discern together about these matters, in a spirit of seeking the mind of Christ.  Just as important is the privilege and responsibility we have to cover this process and the issues we are discussing in prayer.  As Taskforce 1 commences it’s work, and right through to our […]

CFM Connect Day March 2022

Various Locations

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” – Jesus While we were not there in that room after the resurrection to see with our eyes and touch with our hands the resurrected body of our Lord Jesus Christ there are still opportunities for us to see the work of God in […]

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Simple Church Taster 2022

Online Event

A Conversation on Dinner Church with Mike Frost In 2022 the Simple Church Network team wants to invite you to come on a journey with us. It will begin with exploration of the Simple Church concept, and build from there into a space for learning and discovery. It will culminate with an opportunity to discover […]