Leading up to 2012 a review of all the Association functions and activities was undertaken. Out of this review the GEN1K Goal was established and affirmed by member churches.

To become a movement of 1000 Healthy Churches by 2050

The Gen1K goal informed the development of our vision pictures so we could better understand what the 1000 healthy churches would look like. Our Vision, Values and Goal partner together to explain what we believe, what we need to look like, how we will get there and what we hope to achieve through Christ.

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We see a movement impacting our society, culture and world

We see a movement of transforming, healthy communities

We see an extraordinary mission shaped movement of God across our churches and affiliated groups

We see a movement raising and empowering Kingdom-focused leadership

2023-2025 Strategic Priorities

In May 2023 at The Gathering Incorporating the Annual Assembly, as a movement we affirmed our 2023-25 Strategic Plan. The Plan can be summarised in three priority areas: Developing Leaders, Mobilising Healthy Churches, and Partnering in Ministry.

To find out more and get involved with seeing these goals become a reality use the link below!

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