Leadership Pipelines

Developing Volunteers & Leaders Across the Whole Church

Overcoming the challenge of a leadership shortage is crucial for the effectiveness of the local  church. Our leadership pipeline training offers a comprehensive framework to address this issue.  By implementing this process, you can build an intentional leadership development strategy that  nurtures new leaders and addresses the shortage. 

Through our leadership pipeline process, you will intentionally identify and develop individuals  with leadership potential within your local church. This involves identifying their skills, strengths,  and character traits, providing targeted training, mentorship, and practical opportunities. 

By cultivating Godly and capable leaders, your ministry will experience enhanced effectiveness  and reduced stress on staff. Our approach emphasises the importance of fostering meaningful  relationships and a supportive environment, where emerging leaders are empowered to grow and serve effectively.

Development of an intentional approach to raising up volunteers and leaders that is:

  1. Clear and empowering
  2. Crafted for your context, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach
  3. Lowering the burden on staff
  4. Empowering the congregation to fulfil the vision
  5. Increasing our capacity to fulfil our Gen1K goal of 1000 healthy churches in a generation.

Leadership Pipeline training introduces you to a transformative five-part framework that aims to revolutionise leadership development within your church.  

Through a systematic exploration of the Culture, Structure, System, Content, and People components, you and your team will navigate each area to identify existing gaps and pave the way  for a strategy that produces new leaders and fosters the growth of your existing leaders.  

By diligently working through this framework, you will have the tools and insights to elevate your  leadership development approach and cultivate a thriving leadership culture within your church. 

The local church identifies a small group of leaders (typically including the Senior Pastor) who will engage with the training.

The video training is provided primarily through an online platform to the group of leaders. In addition, to the online content, a certified Leadership Pipeline trainer will provide six training sessions to your local church group to assist in application to your context.

Mac Lake was originally from West Virginia, but has served in a wide range of ministry roles including: church planter; Associate Pastor; Leadership Development Pastor; and Senior Pastor.  

After founding The Multiply Group in 2010, Mac has helped churches throughout Australia, Canada and the USA to become more intentional and effective in developing leaders. For a brief introduction to the approach of The Multiply Group to developing Leadership Pipelines in local churches, click HERE

  • Cost: $1000 per church (limited financial assistance may be available from the Association)
  • Leadership Pipeline training typically takes 9-12 months
  • Training calls provided in-person or online depending on location and availability.
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