A medical analogy

Imagine that churches were like limbs, maybe an arm or a leg, that had sustained an injury.

A scratch would require a Band Aid. A cut might require stitching, but a limb with severe muscle and tissue damage or a broken bone might need reconstructive surgery? Where there is gangrene or total loss of tissue, amputation may be required. Seems logical enough right?

Now image if you used the wrong treatment! Scratches could result in amputation, or you could place a Band Aid on a severed limb

One of the common problems that churches can face is that they misdiagnose themselves and therefore end up putting a lot of energy and resources into a “course of treatment” that is never going to provide the restoration of health and vigour they desire.

In order to help remedy this situation a number things are needed.

  1. A way to gain a somewhat accurate diagnosis or assessment.
  2. Clear information as to the appropriate restorative action.
  3. An understanding of what the treatment will involve.
  4. Where to go to for such help or medicine.
  5. A commitment to engage in the treatment.

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