FORM 2022

FORM is a place for church leaders, pastors, members of church communities, small groups, and anyone wanting to learn how to better engage missionally with their communities, families, colleagues and friends.

FORM is focused on the formation and development of your skills as well as a support network for you that will help make sharing stories about Jesus powerful and effective.

If you are thinking of planting a church, starting a new congregation, sharing your faith or would just like to know more about engaging missionally with your world, then FORM is for you.

This year FORM will revolve around Isaiah 43:19 ‘Behold, I am doing a new thing’!

As we step out of two very unpredictable years it is not lost on us that even in such times God is still at work.

It will be an experience for the whole family. It will cater for multicultural church expressions.

Providing an opportunity for everyone to hear from God

With times where all generations will gather together as well as age-specific experiences.

Translation will be provided for several languages.

Places will fill fast so be sure to register early!

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