Let’s Talk – Children and Baptism

If you have been involved with children and family ministry for any length of time you have probably asked yourself or been asked by someone about baptism and children. How old does someone need to be to be baptised as a believer? How do you talk about such a symbolic event with kids who are still developing their ability to think abstractly?

As part of National Baptism Week (October 15-22) we are inviting ministry leaders across the nation to have a conversation about children and baptism. It would be great if you are able to join the conversation!

Thursday October 19 1pm-2:15pm AEDT on zoom

Louise Bartlett (NSW&ACT) will share some historical and current theology and practice of baptism and children. Tracy Valentine (QLD Baptists) will share some reflections on baptising kids and the most common questions or challenges she has experienced.

There will also be some breakout groups to share stories, challenges, ideas and questions. Your contribution to this conversation is important for all of us. Children and young people are an important part of our faith communities and research continues to show that the majority of those who come to faith are under 18. Witnessing and experiencing peak experiences such as Baptisms contribute greatly to faith development, so this conversation is significant for all of us and our ministry contexts.

Please follow this link to register for this conversation on October 19

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