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1 in 5 people (aged 16 to 85) will have some form of diagnosable mental health condition in 12mths, with around 2 million Australians having anxiety and 1.1 million Australians having depression. Mental health is a topic we all need to be discussing, educating ourselves on and learning know how to have effective conversations with those who have a mental health problem or condition.

Fiona is the Youth Mental Health Coordinator for Baptist Youth Ministries, as well as a Licensed Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor. She can offer training to equip you and your teams through a variety of methods. Ranging from:

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Training: where you become a youth mental health first aider.
  • 3hrs leadership training: to find out more about mental health and workshop practice scenarios.
  • 45-minute workshops: around a variety of topics and aimed at specific groups, such a ministry leaders, parents or youth. These can be tailored to your context.

To find out more information about how Fiona can help equip you and your teams better around the topic of mental health, please email her at: fgardner@nswactbaptists.org.au

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