Safe Churches Update

Our Creating Safe Spaces program is available to all churches to train church leaders and those working with children, young people and vulnerable people regarding safe church culture and practice. This includes in Korean and Chinese language. For further information or to book a workshop for your church, visit our website at https://creatingsafespaces.org.au/.

We are very thankful to God for Matt Lee joining us in the Ministry Standards Team as our Creating Safe Spaces Volunteer. Matt is a current Morling College student, along with being a pastor at his church. Matt will be working one day per week at the Ministry and Learning Centre supporting and encouraging our churches in Creating Safe Spaces training, among other things. Welcome Matt!

On the 1st February 2022 the 10 Child Safe Standards became mandatory in NSW. The Safe Church Health Check is provided by the Association and is strongly recommended to give your church confidence that policies, procedures, and practices are in place to meet these standards. For further information visit our website at https://creatingsafespaces.org.au/schc/ or call the Ministry Standards Team on 9868 9200.

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