Simple Coaching

Come get a FREE snapshot of what coaching is and does – one of the easiest ways of raising new leaders up, making your 1:1 chats more effective and encouraging, and filling your rosters so you all can start getting stuff done.

Imagine the possibilities! Leadership is the ability to take responsibility with a servant heart. Coaching asks simple questions – like “What could you do about that?”. It shifts people from depending on you for answers, towards taking ownership and leadership in the situation. They see a problem, and say, “Hey, someone needs to do something about this… I’ll be that someone.”

Ask key people in your congregation to come along – the encouragers, the talent-spotters, the ones God has given a real shepherding heart to for your congregations and communities – they’re the ones who can help raise up more leaders for you. And join us at this experiential taster event to explore coaching and see it in action for yourself:

  • See how using simple questions develops buy-in, authenticity, and leadership capacity, and empowers others to step up and into Kingdom work.
  • Hear from key leaders in our movement about how coaching has helped them grow their ministries and leadership teams without overwhelm or burnout.
  • Learn about the pathway for key people in your congregation to become approved coaches in Baptist ministry, partnering with us and you to keep multiplying healthy leaders and healthy churches across our movement.

Hosted by Krystyna Kidson, Resident Psychologist, and the GEN1K Coaching team.

Who is GEN1K COACHING? Even when you’re tired, time-strapped, cash-poor, or need more people – we stand ready to help you recover, rebuild, and rediscover the gold God has in mind for you and your people. We are church and parachurch leaders, helping pastors and gospel workers build healthy, Christ-centred communities while modelling and multiplying godly leadership.

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