State Youth Camp


September 22-25 we will gather as one massive camp of youth groups from all over the NSW/ACT And it’s not too late to join us!

Registration for churches is still open and you can register your church using the QR code attached. Tickets are on sale and the early bird ends soon so make sure you take advantage and rego soon! When you register your church to attend you will get access to our Coordinator page that is full of promo items, helpful camping hints, packing lists, worship playlists and everything you need to get your youth ready for SYC!!

What are some of the benefits of coming to SYC? 

A camp for your youth group where all the logistics like food, activities, teaching, workshops, worship and safety and risk management are done so you can spend more time with your youth grabbing hold of those discipleship moments!

Speaking from the incredibly talented Sheldon Holmes (Wagga Wagga Baptist) and Ash Shipley (Skar Ministries) who will be sharing on our theme of “All Things New”

A chance to connect with other youth groups, camping in tribes and building relationships and partnership opportunities with other leader and youth pastors.

We want to make SYC as accessible as possible for all churches, so if you have concerns and questions please reach out and get in touch. There are scholarships, leader support, volunteer opportunities and travel subsidies and so many ways we can support your youth group to come and be a part of something bigger!!

Check out the SYC website for more info and to register!

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