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Mental Health Resources: 
During our session, we heard from Fiona Gardner (f.gardner@nswactbaptists.org.au). Fiona has developed some key factsheets which can be accessed below


Insights into Redefining Success: 
This month’s guest speaker was Omar Djoeandy. Resources from Omar are available below:

Here are the prayer points from today’s session:
  • What is something that impacted you about Carolyn’s presentation?
  • What are some effective prayer initiatives or experiences you’ve been part of in your church or ministry context?
  • What stories of answered prayer can you share?”

If you enjoyed what Kylie bought to Insights this month, get ready for Leadership Conversations on August 4!

You’ve heard the phrases – we’re living in unprecedented times, our approach needs to be agile, we really need to re-think, re-imagine, re-discover (or just plain pivot) – but what does all that mean for our leadership? As common and cliche as these observations have become we can still find ourselves wondering about the implications for our roles as leaders. What exactly do we need to do differently? What exactly will it take? And how can be equipping others for what the future holds? Leadership Conversations is that place for you to explore with your team what’s needed in leadership going forward.

Kylie will be delivering two keynote sessions followed by a Live Q&A. Session 1 is about the issues we are facing around how we lead into the future. What we need to be aware of as leaders as we look toward an increasingly complicated, disrupted, and uncertain future? Session two will touch on the personal and organisational shifts we need to make as leaders to ensure growing effectiveness, sustainability, and impact.

Insights into Sustainable Leadership with Sam Sterland  
  • View Sam’s slides here.
  • National Church Life Survey – To have your church participate in NCLS this year, register on-line at www.2021ncls.org.au

At the Association we are passionate about supporting ministry to grow, develop and truly make a difference for the Kingdom. To do this The Association has developed many ministries that are designed and focused on the health of you and your church.

We have set aside September to highlight some of the incredible ways our team at the Baptist Association can support you, your church, and your church ministries.

We unpacked some of these resources during Insights Zoom this month.

As we look and plan for re-opening, we know our churches are thinking about what it means to relaunch services and ministries for in-person gatherings. So this month, we took time to break down what it means to re-engage leaders!

Guiding us through this topic was Craig Corkill; current Senior Pastor at Narara Valley Baptist Church and incoming Associate Director, Discipleship and Leadership Development at our Baptist Association. Our hope is that from this session you’ll discover new ways to rediscover and re-engage your team.

For final Insights session for 2021, we spent time hearing about resources and were joined by our Association’s Evangelism Consultant Belinda Lakelin who shared on; Plan A is for Advent.

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