Pastoral Review Package

This resource pack aims to provide churches with a ready resource for developing a healthy pastoral review process:

  • Enabling flexibility so that churches can develop a process that suits their context
  • Not so many options it will appear too daunting for churches

The resources are organised into the 4 categories below:

  1. Introduction to Pastoral Reviews and Policy Templates
  2. Pastoral Review Tools
  3. Pastoral Review Tools – Additional
  4. Example Review Reports

Important note: Churches are different so we’re putting this material forward with options in terms of process and tools. Remember, the Church Health team is available to answer questions, to workshop how this may best apply in your particular church context, or even to coach you through the first review cycle if that would be helpful.

Two templates are included, one based on a 2-year cycle, and one based on a 3-year cycle.   The 3-year cycle may be more suited to larger churches, who may also consider inviting external management of the review process, at least for the Senior Leader on the 3rd year of the cycle.  An important principle is to develop a process that is sustainable. The Church Health Team strongly encourage churches to develop a robust healthy pastoral review process, but it must be one that is sustainable in in terms of time and resources in the ongoing life of the church.   

Introduction to Pastoral Reviews

Pastoral Review Policy: 2 Year Cycle Pastoral Review Policy: 2 Year Cycle – Template

Pastoral Review Policy: 3 Year Cycle Pastoral Review Policy: 3 Year Cycle – Template

There is no such thing as a perfect Pastoral Review tool. Please treat all tools as just that – ‘tools’ to provide input that can guide the Review Team in discerning the key elements to be reported back to the person being reviewed. Where we provide options, churches are encouraged to choose the tools that seem best for their context. 


To be Completed by Congregants


Pastoral Review and Feedback Form for Congregants

Pastoral Review and Feedback Form for Congregants – Template

To be Completed by the Pastor


Ministry Review for Pastor

Ministry Review for Pastor – Template


These relate to personal development, self-care and burnout prevention, as well as a leadership inventory. They can be utilised at any time they may be considered helpful. 

10 Self Care Strategies

15 C’s Leadership Reflections

Burnout Inventories

Leadership Practices Inventory

Personal Vitality Plan

Review Report examples have been included in this package also. 

Example 1 – Review Report

Example 2 – Review Report

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